Hotel van Oranje strives to be a professional and responsible organisation. By administering the personal touch, exclusivity, quality and endless possibilities a complete, personalised product is created. Service without limits, otherwise known as 'nothing is impossible', together with a powerful team spirit supported by our own CSR policy work together to ensure our guests receive a personal service. In his way our hotel continues to offer personal and exclusive service, keeping the competition at bay.


We also need to respect the wishes and requirements of the leisure and corporate markets and in this way keep Hotel van Oranje visibly on the map with its excellent service, leisure, congress and events facilities, without losing sight of our responsibilities to the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hotel van Oranje's mission, strategy and vision are aimed at producing the highest possible quality and remaining a world-class player. The CSR policy should not stand in the way of this, but make a contribution. Our CSR policy is based upon the following pillars. · Environment and low speed · Commerciality, service & quality · People as central; guest and personnel · Social engagement, giving back. Because of this, we have clarity, we know where our priorities lie and we can translate our goals into everyday practice. 

1: Environment and low speed

Ambition: Taking responsibility and striving to keep it slow to limit our impact upon the environment Hotel van Oranje does everything possible to avoid damage to the environment, despite its commitment to quality and service. We do this in the following ways: 

  • Sustainable purchasing
  • Savings
  • Waste management
  • CO2 levels
  • Sustainability training

2: Commerciality, service and quality

Ambition: Creating staff and guest awareness by giving them a choice of (environmentally) sound products with a CSR policy bound to our current business, with service and quality remaining unaffected despite the decision to move slowly on each and every decision. CSR is important to Hotel van Oranje, but so are quality and service. For this reason we give our the guests and principals a choice. We pay attention to the following points: 

  • Commerciality
  • Service and quality
  • Awareness

3: People as central, guest and personnel

Ambition: Letting our colleagues know that they are as important as our guests. Creating a work environment where diversity, health, equality and satisfaction stand central and where personal ambitions can become reality. At Hotel van Oranje both guests and staff stand central. Our guests want for nothing and we try to fulfil their needs. From check-in to check-out they remain central. Hospitality is Hotel van Oranje's core value and here is where our staff play the most important role. We pay attention to the following points: 

  • Diversity
  • Developing talents
  • Competence at work
  • Colleagues work satisfaction questionnaires
  • Health and safety

4: Social involvement, giving back

Ambition: Making a positive contribution to the community in which we work in a variety of ways, giving back wherever possible in small ways or large, financially or using our knowledge. Hotel van Oranje invests in concrete activities for its social involvement ambitions. We are active in the following ways: 

  • Sponsoring & location donation
  • Community projects
  • MOBO foundation
  • Giving guidance and creating awareness to our suppliers
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