Of importance to your organisation is the generation of new ideas and development of new ways of thinking. We can organise customized brainstorm sessions for you to inspire and motivate your guests.

People are more prepared to share their thoughts in a tranquil atmosphere. We encourage a feeling of well-being and creativity by offering you a restful, tranquil environment. The restful feel and sheer space that Hotel van Oranje and Noordwijk beach offer are extremely important when aiming for a successful brainstorm session. 

Hotel van Oranje offers many options for brainstorm sessions and other creativity-based gatherings. For smaller groups, our meeting rooms with 84 inch ‘Interactive Touchscreens’ are ideal for a group 'wall-session', for example. You may choose a meeting room with sea view and private balcony, serving healthy, freshly prepared snacks during your breaks. For a larger group our Winter Garden can be made into a highly creative workspace where the participants can present their ideas visually on the purpose-made walls. You may choose a setup where the participants work together in small groups, or let them choose their working method. In this case, we can place bean bags all over the floor space so everyone can find a place to work. 

Perhaps you would prefer a less traditional workspace such as our Beachclub O.. The surroundings stimulate creative ways of thinking and when the weather allows, you can work from the VIP terrace. We hire out the beach club or a part thereof for your exclusive use, and set it up according to your needs. We can also have audio-visual equipment delivered to Beachclub O. 

Be inspired on a culinary level and let our chefs surprise you with a customized menu which fits in with your goals and preferences.

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End the year in a spectacular fashion

End the year in a spectacular fashion