Within short time, you would like to develop a specific output. You want to do this in a relaxed environment without any distractions. We can organise a meeting allowing you to work without any form of distraction and with all the tools and gadgets you might need at hand. Hotel van Oranje can offer you the rest and space you need to work tirelessly and effectively.

Off-site meetings offer the unique opportunity for intense collaboration in order to complete a critical task. Hotel van Oranje is the perfect location and organiser for meetings which concentrate on production. The restful and luxurious ambiance allows inspiration and the chance to come up with new insights. Furthermore, the coast is the right location for inspiration, where you can experience the fresh seabreeze from your meeting room.

Hotel van Oranje improves productivity by restricting distraction and optimising group dynamics. Our location offers a realxing and inspiring environment where the division of floor space, food, drinks, tools and gadgets all work together to support your goal: the completion of a task. 

Often such production meetings have a limited number of participants. You might therefore wish to use one of our meeting rooms with sea view and private balcony so you can move between room and outdoors to blow away the cobwebs. Or you might want to book a private section at Beach Club O. for your meeting. We can supply the necessary audio-visual devices. Let your group not only be inspired by the incredible surroundings, but also by the culinary options; our chefs are waiting to create customized delicaties and meals for you. Depending on your daytime programme and final goal, we can conjure up a delicious selection to suit all of your tastes, 

After a successful work day, you and your colleagues can come together for an informal meal for a quality dinner with a glass of Prosecco or Champagne.

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