F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

- Where is Hotel van Oranje located? “The beach of Amsterdam”, Noordwijk aan zee, is more or less 30 minutes away from Amsterdam and 20 minutes away from Schipol. Hotel van Oranje, is situated on the Noordwijk boulevard, making its accessibility by car very easy.

 - Are dog’s allowed at Hotel van Oranje?

Dog’s are always welcome in Hotel van Oranje, with of condition that they are tamed and on a leash. The cost of one night for a dog is € 50, -. Also, the community of Noordwijk has a determined period between June and August during the year in which dog’s aren’t allowed on the beach. For more info: www.noordwijk.info.

 - Where can I park at Hotel van Oranje?

We have our own parking spaces that you can benefit of, but for which you have to pay for of course. Also, for higher budgets we have garage rentals. A parking space costs €20,- per day and a garage space costs €35,-.

You can also search for you own parking space in Noordwijk aan Zee. The fees are the following: 

Boulevard and Wantveld (9.00 to 21.00): 1st and 2nd hour: € 1,- following € 2,- per hour

Day cards: € 7,50 per car (busses/touring cars € 10,-)

- I haven’t booked any dinner, is it still possible to eat at a hotel outlet?

Yes it is possible. Just call the reception at +31 (0) 71 367 6869 or send an email with your request to info@hotelvanoranje.nl. We will arrange a table for you.

 - Can I ensure myself of cancelations?

Against a small fee of € 15,00/ person/per reservation, you can cancel among our cancelation service. In any other case, the applied uniform Horeca conditions, a cancelation cost can go up to a 100% of the reservation value. These reservation cancellations are applicable for groups up to 10 people and have to be dealt with 3 days before due date.

 - Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, there is a satisfied deposit. This deposit could be made through a credit card guaranty, via a bank transaction or simply by cash.

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